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Lipa Knight

 Lipa Wizards

Wit Makes Magic!

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Working towards: Interaction

Recommended age: 4+

 What kids can learn

With its innovative two-player tournaments, Lipa Wizards is a spellbinding adventure that not only sharpens focus, attention to detail, pattern detection, and strategy, but strengthens the vital skill of good sportsmanship. Choose a character from a cast of 7 diverse, specialized wizards from around the world, who present the supernatural elements of different cultures. Be the first to detect which Nogs on the field make pairs, while using special spells and enchantments to thwart your opponent’s progress. Learn to create your own logical strategies that combine quick reflexes with opportunistic timing to become the wizard duel champion. Lipa Wizards: Magic Duel develops the skills essential to building a sharp mind that can think effectively, while its unparalleled two-player interface invites families and friends to train and play together


Lipa Wizards (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program This game is fundamentally_children_hq certified This game is indie_prize certified

Lipa Knight

  • Educational value

    Problem Solving, Strategy

  • Enjoyment

    Two-Player Duels, Magical Animations, Diverse Characters, Tournament Mode

Lipa Knight

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