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Lipa Knight

 Lipa Theater

Tell Your Own Tale!

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Working towards: Creativity

Recommended age: 3+

 What kids can learn

Lipa Theater offers a stage where you can explore the expanse of your imagination. In this active storytelling game, you build the perfect Wild West drama, or an out-of-this-world alien comedy set on Mars, while learning all about design and creativity. Lipa theater boosts narrative and social-emotional skills as you recreate your favorite movie scenes, moments from history, or invent fantastical tales of your own: why not fly on dragons, or wield an enchanted banjo? No element is left behind with dozens of props to choose from, as well as 50 unique characters, music themes, and weather controls such as a blazing sunset or shivering snowflakes. To find the right backdrop, take a snapshot of a scene that best fits your original production. Once the play is set, record the show with personalized voice overs--then play back or share the video for endless fun. Lipa Theater develops skills in creativity, invention, communication, design, and imagination, encouraging cooperative play with family and friends, who by being together can make real life an unforgettable tale.


Lipa Theater (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program This game is children_technology_review certified This game is educational_app_store certified

Lipa Knight

  • Educational value

    Invetion, Design, Storytelling

  • Enjoyment

    Weather Controls, Record & Playback, Fantastical Rideable Animals,Free play

Lipa Knight

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